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Reasons for Excusal

By statute, jurors may be lawfully excused from Jury Service for a variety of reasons, listed below. Proper documentation and proof must be provided at least five (5) days before the service start date. Late requests may need to be reviewed by the assigned Judge. Deferrals are also offered by request.

Requests should be made via email to or by faxing (614) 645-0515. Confirmation will be sent within a physical mailed notice which may take up to three (3) weeks to arrive. If you have already completed the questionnaire through the 
Juror Web Portalyour excusal/deferral confirmation will be emailed instead.

Still need help? Contact the Jury Commission. phone (614) 645-7726 email fax (614) 645-0515

Active Military

Persons in active military status are not required to serve. Copies of orders are required.


Persons 75 years of age or older can qualify to be excused but are still welcome to serve. Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible to serve.


Persons who are the sole caregiver to an ill or disabled family member can qualify to be excused. Written documentation from the family member’s physician is required.

Child Care

Persons who have an obligation to provide childcare during business hours Monday through Friday and do not have a comparable care solution are eligible to be excused.

Criminal Record

Persons who have prior felony convictions that are currently under sanctions by the court are not eligible to serve. Those who are no longer on probation or parole will have their rights to serve restored.

Full-Time Student

Persons who are currently enrolled as a full-time student are welcome to serve, but qualify to be excused. Class schedule or transcript is required.

Loss of Income

Persons who have an employer that does not pay for jury service are eligible to be excused. Please check the company’s complete policy on how jury service is handled. Documentation from employer is required. *Also see Self-Employed

Medical Reasons

A physician’s note is required.

Non-English Speaking

Jurors are required to be able to speak, read, write, and communicate effectively in the English language.

Non-Resident or Non-Citizen

Persons who are no longer a resident of Franklin County or the United States are not eligible to serve. Proof of the new address is required.

Recent Jury Service

Persons who have served on jury duty within the last two years are eligible to be excused. Prior attendance record is required.


Persons who are self-employed and would suffer a financial hardship are not required to serve. The first page of the most recent tax return or business card is required.