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Probation FAQ

A restitution payment plan can be set up through the Community Sanctions Unit. To establish your payment plan, contact the Community Sanctions Unit at (614) 645-7472 or ask your probation officer for assistance. Restitution can be paid at the Clerk of Court using cash or money order.

Please contact the Intern Coordinator at (614) 645-8773 for additional information.

Please follow the instructions in the following documents. If you need additional assistance, contact your probation officer.

Accessing the OCSS Client Access Portal   
Enabling Locations Services for OCSS   

The Community service hours are scheduled through the Community Sanctions Unit. To schedule your hours please call (614) 645-8735

Group Orientation will be held either in person at 375 S. High St., 8th Floor, Columbus, OH, 43215 or via Video Interview from your smart phone or computer if applicable.  A date for the Orientation will either be assigned by your Intake Officer or assigned Probation Officer.

Established as a sentencing alternative by the Court, the Community Clean-up Crew holds individuals accountable for their actions by providing them an opportunity to assist with projects within the community. Please call (614) 645-8735 to schedule or if you have any questions. 

On the business day immediately following your release, report to 375 S. High St., 5th Floor, Columbus, OH, 43215 between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

Once you have been placed on the Automated Telephone Reporting System (ARS), you will receive a letter from your assigned Officer. Please call (877) 695-7225, option 3, for additional services.

ARS Instructions  
ARS Instructions - Spanish  

If you have questions related to your specific case, please visit the Self Help Resource Center.

How often a person reports is dependent upon many factors.Your officer will be able to answer this question in more detail during your initial office contact. Please refer to the Employee Directory to contact your officer. 

If you encounter a conflict with a scheduled appointment, contact your assigned officer directly to discuss rescheduling. If you do not know who your assigned officer is, please call (614) 645-8360 and ask to be connected directly to your officer. 

PNC or Provided No Convictions is a non-reporting status that monitors and notifies the Court of any new convictions.

Fees are collected by the Clerk of Courts at 375 S. High St., Columbus, OH, 43215 on the 1st and 2nd floors. Fees may be paid using cash, credit card or money order. View more information.

After being sentenced to Probation, an Administrative Support Officer will contact you with the name and contact information of your assigned officer or your first scheduled appointment. If you have not heard from someone within three business days, please call (614) 645-8360.