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The Franklin County Municipal Court will close today at 12:30 PM.
In custody arraignments (4D) for Saturday, July 20 will be in person. 

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Creating Autonomy Through Collaborative Healing

What We Do

In Franklin County, Ohio alone, approximately 1,200 women are arrested each year for solicitation. Rather than viewing a woman convicted of a prostitution-related arrest as a criminal, CATCH views her as a victim who needs acceptance, commitment to a structured program, and the unwavering belief in her ability to transform her life from one of dependency to one of freedom.

Our Mission

More than 92% of individuals involved in prostitution want to escape* and are exploited at a young age. CATCH exists to break the cycle of abuse for victims of human trafficking, prostitution, and sexual exploitation by providing resources, community, and accountability. CATCH hopes to provide a model for municipal leaders throughout Ohio and the United States.
*Farley & Kelley, 2000

Our Success in Numbers

National Recidivism Rate for Women in Prostitution
Recidivism Rate for ALL women who have been in CATCH
Recidivism Rate for CATCH graduates
Graduation rate among participants
Women have successfully graduated to date

" Something happened to them. Something that was not their fault.
They are a victim. And yet, they are strong, so they must survive. Survive at all costs."


— Judge Paul Herbert, Founder of CATCH Court


Some Numbers

There are many common threads among participants in the program.

  • 72% grew up in poverty
  • 86% don’t have a HS diploma or GED
  • 93% are mothers
  • 83% have already been linked in the mental health system
  • 94% have been victims of sexual or intimate partner violence
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