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Vehicle Sanctions

The Vehicle Sanctions Division processes the release, relocation, immobilization, and forfeiture of vehicles seized during a traffic stop as well as limited driving privileges and ignition interlock.

Vehicles subject to immobilization or forfeiture may have sanctions, stipulations, and fines as outlined in the Vehicle Immobilization Notice.

After the Judge grants a release or relocation of the vehicle, a certified copy of the entry must be taken to the charging police agency's designated location. The following is required to get a vehicle relocated: 

Requirements for Limited, Unlimited, and Interlock Driving Privileges



Agency Main Contact
Alcolock Ohio Inc. (855) 771-3683
(614) 771-5625
Intoxalock (877) 777-5020
(515) 331-7643
Lifesafer Interlock* (888) 252-4045 (option 1)
Lowcost Interlock (800) 352-4872
Ohio Interlock (866) 616-3133
Smart Start (800) 880-3394
* If found indigent you must use the Lifesafer interlock company.