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Judgment Interest Calculator

You may add interest to the amount of your judgment for each day the judgment remains unpaid from the date the judgment was filed. Your judgment was filed on the date stamped by the Clerk of Court on the entry. You may view the judgment date on the Franklin County Municipal Clerk of Court's website. Enter your case number and scroll down to the Case Disposition section; the judgment date should be in the first line. Note: If your judgment lapsed and was revived on or after June 2, 2004, you may not collect interest during the period it was dormant. See O.R.C. §2325.18(B).

Complete the following steps to calculate your total interest to date:

What is the judgment amount?
Do not add court costs to the judgment
amount for determining judgment interest.
What is the date the judgment was filed?
The file date stamp is located on the Judgment Entry.
You can also find the file date on the case docket at
What is the interest rate (percentage)
awarded on the judgment?
Today's date:
Number of days since date of judgment:
Total interest earned on judgment: