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The Franklin County Municipal Court will close today at 12:30 PM.
In custody arraignments (4D) for Saturday, July 20 will be in person. 

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Duty Room

The Judges are assigned to the Duty Room on a weekly rotating basis.

Hours of operation: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM / 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: 375 S. High St, 10th Fl., Courtroom 10C
Phone: (614) 645-3889

The responsibilities of the Duty Judge include: 

  • Sign electronic and walk-in search warrants and subpoenas
  • Rule on motions filed on all non-assigned civil cases
  • Approve all rulings decided by Magistrates
  • Hold hearings for show cause and exemption requests
  • Hold hearings for requests for warrant set asides. Parties must contact the Prosecutors' office at (614) 645-7483 to schedule a hearing.
  • Civil ceremonies are performed at the Judges' discretion and by appointment only. A $25.00 processing fee must be paid on the 3rd floor in the Clerk's Office Civil Division prior to the ceremony. On the day of the ceremony, parties must bring their marriage license, certificate, and receipt for the processing fee. 

Need to schedule a ceremony with the Court? 

Request a Wedding    

Need more marriage license information?

Contact the Franklin County Probate Court at (614) 525-3108.